You're Not A Great Leader

Last day, one friend asked me: “do you think I can be a great leader in the future ?”. The following paragraphs is what I explained to her before to finally conclude: “Become a great leader is a result of all these points, be aware of them and you’ll see your life change”. I’m sure you can do it too !

If you don’t know how to express yourself

Let’s say you’re the manager of a project and some of the people working with you do bad work. Do you actually say “it’s bad” ? Do you you say “it’s bad” and you explain why ? Do you say “it’s good but we can improve it” ? or Do you say “it’s good” ? What you say matters. If you only say “it’s bad”, nobody will want to work with you, they will just think you’re stupid. If you always say “it’s good”, nobody will really trust you or everyone will become overconfident.

So what you say matters, but adapting it to people is also important. If you’re in front of person who likes competition saying “it’s bad but we can improve it” will push him really hard. If you’re in front of a person not that confident about himself/herself it’s better to tell that person “you did a great work but maybe we can improve it”.

If you don’t say no

It sounds easy to say no to people right. It’s one of the first words you learned and you used during your childhood. Your mom: “Eat your food !”, you: “NO!”. But actually when you become older you start to develop a feeling of compassion that makes you unable to say no to people. “If I say no he will take it as cold answer”, so you instead say: “Let’s see tomorrow”. But the problem is that everyday you’ll lose time to ask questions which makes you angry. At the same time people will not trust you anymore, you’re the person who always saying “let’s see tomorrow”.

Learning how to express a disagreement or to avoid people who are delegating their work to you, is one of the most important skill to become a leader but also in your life so repeat after me : N-O, NO !

If you change ideas every two minutes

We all have times in which ideas are coming really fast. You have one and then another follow and then another. The day after you want to change everything and etc… But to work well with people, you need to be consistent. People who are working with you spend their precious time for your ideas, they don’t want to waste it. And sometimes your ideas can be at the opposite of what you said before and people need to start again from scratch. So they start feeling they are not spending their time correctly and will be discouraged.

Secondly, how can people understand you if you don’t know clearly what you want ? I’ll give you the answer: They can’t ! Working together is not just about hours spent together, it’s about trust and it’s about having the same vision.


To give you a little conclusion, I’ll just give you three words: Trust, No, Adapt. If you want to share some ideas with me or if you have stories about this topic, please find my contact on my website.

Written on December 23, 2017