The linguists coffee 盲


Before to read this article you should read the previous one on 亡 to first know how to write the top part of this character and secondly to understand the meaning of this character.

Here is a link : The linguists coffee 亡


For this article, I will choose the following meaning: blind people (in the word 盲人). Another joyful topic !

The story

Now, let’s see the how to write it by using a little story.

The chinese character 盲 is telling the following story, when you are the blind you eyes are dead.

It’s as simple as that, but now let’s see how it’s represented on the character.

The upper part (亡) means to die, but you already know it. So guess the lower part (目) … It means eyes.

This picture is how the chinese would write eye at the very beginning of their writing system, after being subject to some changes and pivoting it became the character we know now.

Yes sorry, that’s all for today !


Again this is a pretty short story but as you understood the goal of the series, you don’t really care anymore. :smile:

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Written on September 21, 2018