The linguists coffee 亡


For this article, I will choose the following meaning: to die (in the word 死亡). I know this isn’t a joyful topic but it will introduce the next character of the series (盲).

The story

Now, let’s see the how to write it by using a little story.

Someone died, now some people put his/her body in a coffin and burry the coffin. After a while, some grass is growing on the grave.

It’s as simple as that, but now let’s see how it’s represented on the character.

The radical here is 亠. It is representing the ground with a sprout, can you see it ? Then the 𠃊 actually represents a hole in the ground.


That was a pretty short story, the goal of the series is not to provide really complex one but more to help you to be able to remember the strokes and help you to write it. Finally, you will see that some characters really introduce some parts of the chinese culture.

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Written on September 20, 2018