I'm available for the following activities

Consulting 🎯

I will teach your team how to get the most of Protocol Buffers and gRPC. I'm profficient in Go, Python, C++, C#, Java, but I'm always down for learning a new language. This is important to note that most of of the gRPC implementations are based on the C implementation, which means I can quickly switch between these.

One to One Mentorship 👨🏻‍🏫

I will teach you, from scratch or not, how to use Protocol Buffers and/or how to use gRPC. The goal of this kind of this kind of sessions is to go into more details about the different concepts such as encoding/decoding, Testing, and much more.

Speaking 👨🏻‍💼

I will participate to your event and speak about Protocol Buffers and/or gRPC. This can be in any language I'm profficient in, or in a more general manner. The goal is to provide interesting and memorable presentation of certain concepts.

Freelance 👨🏻‍💻

I will implement gRPC services, write proto files, and/or set up the build system for your project.