• Introduction
  • Book usage
  • Useful theory
    • What's a language?
    • Why is it interesting to learn a language?
    • The perfect student
    • The culture shock
  • Define your goals
    • Subjectivity
    • Your definition
    • My definition
  • Survivor's tool
    • The right mindset
    • Avoid bullshit
    • Pronunciation rules
    • Major questions
    • Relevant and interesting content
    • Multi-sensory skills
  • Improve your toolbox - multiculturalism
    • Act like a local
    • Think like a local
    • Keep track
  • Improve your toolbox - multilingualism
    • Words and grammar
    • Scenarist and actor (part 1): Self-conversation
    • Scenarist and actor (part 2): Real-life conversations
    • Reading/translating
  • Conclusion

Why that book and not another?

This book can be considered as a mentor who will help you to learn any language from scratch. It will guide through all the process by keeping you away from the bullshit and giving you only real experiences. It is interesting to learn a language but it is more interesting to enjoy learning a language. Furthermore, this book emphasizes on the relationship between culture and language. It will give you another point of view on what is a language and why learning a language to just add a line on your CV is not respectful and does not give you value. This book wants to help everyone to learn a language with respect and hard/creative work. Finally, what's is more important in this project is that it shows us that there is no shortcuts, you need to experience and enjoy the process to fully understand and use this tool of communication.

A little gift

In order to let you know about what this book is fighting against, I decided to give a little gift. This is the entire sub part called "Avoid bullshit" in the Survivor's tool part. It will present you some pseudo sciences that a lot of people are spreading around and which you should avoid if you don't want to waste time and money.

Here it is : Avoid bullshit

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