Clément JEAN (一介)


I’m a young entrepreneur, developer and writer. Graduated from Epitech (France) and from 清华大学 (Tsinghua university, China), I’m developing websites, apps and softwares for companies and I’m providing follow-up on these projects. With two finished projects for one school and one company, I’m looking to develop this business and maybe looking for partners.

I’m also writer, I like to write about topics like productivity, different point of views in life, language, etc… Mostly on medium but also on this website, I’m publish these articles which are the results of my experiences as student but also as person. I’m trying to help people and to get some feedback from them in order to improve myself everyday.

Finally, I’m passionated by generecity and architecture in programming and by languages. I like to mix these two passions in order to improve the way to teach or to learn. By mixing these, I’m developing some projects in order to help me learn chinese with more fun but also with more efficiency. My goal, in the future, is to launch a new kind of school which focus on helping student to learn at their own pace.


Language Proficiency
French Native
English Andvanced
Spanish Limited
Chinese HSK3



  • Natural Language Processing
  • Adaptive learning
  • Genericity

Possible jobs

  • Writer
  • Software developer
  • Web developer
  • Software architect
  • Consultant



Languages and frameworks

Skill Proficiency Usage
C 90% Rarely
C++ 90% Often
C# 80% Everyday
WPF 75% Everyday
Xamarin 80% Often
Unity 85% Often
Java 80% Often
Android 75% Times to times
Python 70% Times to times
Javascript 70% Times to times

Implemented design patterns

  • Thread-safe singleton
  • Mediator
  • Factory
  • Flyweight

Implemented algorithms

  • Computer adaptive testing algorithm (CAT)
  • Sort (Bubble, Insertion, Merge, Quick, Selection)
  • Search (Linear, Binary)

Implemented or used data-structures

  • Linked lists (Implemented and used)
  • Binary trees (Implemented and used)
  • N-ary trees (Used)
  • Stacks (Used)
  • Queues (used)


Skill Proficiency Usage
Latex 90% Often
Markdown 80% Often


Want to know more about me?

If you are also interested in language learning, programming, collaborating with me or about any point in this CV, I would like to hear from you. You can contact me with your prefered platform by clicking on the contact page or on the logos at the bottom of the page. Finally, if you live in China and you want to reach me more easily, my Wechat id is : clementjean.