Who The F*** Moved My Cheese?!


I recently started to read a book called: “Who moved my cheese?”. I decided that I would read it in Chinese. My goal? It is to translate it just for fun. I’m trying a new technique in order to learn how to read any language. I also started to read this book because this is a self-development book and because of the word cheese (I’m French). I already learned 30 important words while translating. Even if I’m not that good in Chinese, I’m really interested in it because it’s a totally different culture. This language is, for now, the best language in the world. Oh my god! I realized I can translate this in Chinese …

I agree with you this is a stupid text. However, I need to write this kind of text before to be able to write complicated ones. I need to do mistakes to be able to learn from them. I’m expecting some help from this article. If you can correct me, contact me, thank you.

Phewww… So tired!

我最近开始看一个书叫做 “谁动了我的奶酪”。 我决定了我要看中文的。我的目标是什么?我的目标是翻译这本书为玩一下。我在试试一个新的方法为了学习怎么读任何语言. 我开始了这本书因为这是一本self-development的 然后因为我看到了奶酪词(我是法国人)。我在翻译已经学了30重要的词。虽然我的中文不太好但是我对中文特别感兴趣因为这是一个完全不同文化。现在我觉得在世界中文是最好的语言。我的天啊!我明白了我会翻译这本文。。。



Written on March 8, 2018