The Ideal School

I’m often criticizing the current education system (like in this article or this one) but I often try to imagine what would be the kind I school I would like for all children on this planet. Criticizing without giving solutions is like peeing in a violin, no results come out. In this article I want to give you a description about what would be an ideal school. Let’s start dreaming!

Learn how to learn

When I decided to write about this topic, the first thing which came to my mind is that, at school, we don’t learn how to learn. It would be really time saving to have that kind of classes in order to see big improvements of students. And when I’m talking about improvements it not only about test grades and, in fact, not only at school. In this world where everything change as quickly as a eye blink, learning how to learn is not only important at school. Learning is a lifelong process.

Our ability to learn by experience or by listening to older people is one of the most valuable skill Human has on that planet. From learning how to make tools, to learning how to develop a website, we always need to improve in order to improve our future. Teaching how to learn would be at least a little step towards humanity’s better future.


Some courses focus too much on knowledge and not enough on creativity. Learning some dates, some philosophical trends or some definitions will never help you to create anything in your life. You maybe know by heart the definition of Pythagoras’ theorem but you maybe don’t know how to apply it in real life. The worst problem is that nobody pushed you to do this. Mathematics, philosophy, art, … are creative fields. The most famous people in these fields were creative and that why they achieved great works. Your courses of philosophy focus more on the history than writing essays do you think it’s enough to become great in your field?

I would like to see some classes focusing more on creativity. Yes, it would be not easy to test them, but do we really need to test everything? Creativity is all based on subjectivity and that’s why it is important to develop. We are all different and we can all bring something to the world, let’s develop that gift.

Sport and nutrition

Even fields like sport are defined by tests. Isn’t it ironic? How do you want students to love sport if they are badly and severely graded in classes? Sport plays a role on motivation, social interactions but also on health. More and more people are becoming obese and more and more people die from health issues. Wouldn’t it be important to teach sport in a better way?

The second important aspect is nutrition. Good and healthy meals are as important a physical efforts and we don’t learn it at school. Mixing these too related fields in a kind of class would prevent some health and psychological issues. It is important to teach students about their body because they often don’t see why bother with eating healthy due to the lack of knowledge.

Languages and cultures

This time it’s more about improving an existing class. Language classes don’t teach you how to learn a language. To prove this, we just need to think about the rests of what we learned. The goals is once again not to pass a test but here it’s about communication. Learning cultures and languages are becoming more and more valuable because traveling is easier and easier but also because international business is really big.

Our children will need to speak other languages to reach the maximum potential of Humanity. I think Humanity needs cultures and learning and accepting them in order to find the key of success. Collaboration is what can make us stronger and innovate more and more.

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We need to improve schools, it’s our homework. This field didn’t improve for a long time now and it’s a little tiring to find again and again the same problems but to not apply solutions. Let’s make this for our children and for all the future generations.

If you have more ideas about what should be an ideal school, please share them with me. If you think I’m wrong on some points I would like to know why and discuss about it with you. You can find my contact information in the contact page. Don’t hesitate to contact me!

Written on February 20, 2018