Productivity: Step By Step Approach

In order to be productive we generally tend to work more hours or to set unattainable plans. The problem is that when we fail to attain one step and another and another we start to be depressed and we finally abandon the goal even if it was important for us. How can we keep climbing stairs ? How can we go higher and higher to finally reach the goal ?

If you don’t want to read and you prefer to listen to the audio in your car, on your bike on in any situation, here is the audio. Enjoy !

Main motivation

Before to talk about the technique in itself we need to ask ourselves questions and define what we really want. You’ll, of course, be less tempted to abandon a project if it something you decided to live for. Ask yourself the following questions :

  • Do I only want to do business with that idea ?
  • Do I really like the idea ?
  • Am I ready to spend the time it needs to be finished ?
  • Am I honest with myself ?

If you find that you’re not honest with yourself or that you want much more to do business with your idea than actually develop it, It will be hard for you to keep motivated and don’t abandon. I’m not saying it’s impossible but you’ll have a hard life, trust me!

The method

Now that you have an idea you still want to develop you are ready to start with the step by step technique. It is based on chunks. These chunks can be describe by a certain number, by time, by achievements, … Let me give you an example I apply.

I’m learning how to write Chinese, It’s such a mess if you start with the school books. They tell you to practice but doesn’t define for how long, how many characters, … The problem is that you’ll tend to do too much or too less depending on your mood and it decreases your productivity. I decided that I will learn how to write at 5 characters per day. I actually feel I already knew them, I’m not feeling like I’m learning them. The fact is that it takes little time and after doing this for few days I’m now able to write +200 characters which is a big step for me.

Now, I discovered that the technique is not strict so for example some days I did 10 characters and I discovered that on the last 2–3 characters I wasn’t able to remember that well, So I tried 7 and now I know that it’s challenging but everyday I reach it without problem.

It can be applied on everything, step by step you’ll achieve something really big without having the impression of actually working that much. Then by searching for the limits you’ll increase the productivity and find your limit.

It’s your turn

You always wanted to write or become better at playing guitar ? You always wanted to learn a concept ? Well, cut the process in little steps at first and see if you can improve. By staying consistent we can do everything we want in life, I trust you on this. It’s your turn!

Written on February 9, 2018