Productivity: Keep It Simple

We all lived that kind of situation in which we find another solution to solve a problem and that solution is so much easier than the previous one. We struggled and struggled so hard to arrive to that final solution that we finally say to ourself: “You’re so stupid, it was easy !”. How can we avoid these situations? and How can we design the simplest working plan ?

If you don’t want to read and you prefer to listen to the audio in your car, on your bike on in any situation, here is the audio. Enjoy !

Do not stop searching

When we find an idea, even if it’s a stupid, we tend to say “Ok, it works so let’s go”. This is why we mostly arrive in the “You’re so stupid” situation. Why? Because at the beginning of a project or before to solve a problem we don’t know what will be the barriers we will encounter.

Fortunately, we can avoid this by being aware of this problem. The goal after finding an idea is no more to start right away, the goal is to search for easier solutions (by thinking, googling or reading). It will cost maybe 2 days more, but you’ll finally arrive with a solution more quickly than if you started right away and met a thousand of barriers. At first, think more, act less.

Ask questions to people

It seems to be obvious to ask questions when we don’t know about anything right? Well, we generally don’t do it. We stay in our bubble, we can only see one solution and then we make the mistake to start directly.

People around you, and especially those who don’t know about your problem can see things from another point of view. It might happen that they don’t answer correctly, but you should blame yourself to not explaining correctly. Generally, people will give you the easiest solution because they don’t want to spend too much time on others’ problems. Ask questions even if you’ll appear as stupid or annoying.

Rubber duck

Another reason why asking questions to people is interesting is because you need to explain them the situation. In this process you tend to organize your ideas and then finally maybe find a solution by yourself.

The receiver in the communication process can be a physical person, but also a rubber duck (or a person acting like a rubber duck). The process is in fact interesting you just need to talk out loud as if you were speaking to someone who knows nothing about the problem and you’ll find yourself having more and more ideas. It’s time to go to a shop and buy a rubber duck.

No, it doesn’t happen to me!

That’s what I thought before today. I’m actually writing this article because of a “You’re so stupid” situation. I was doing my research, quietly and intensively, then I started to talk to myself (Out loud ? Such a weird guy!) and I finally experienced a “HA-HA” moment.

The result ? After 30 minutes I already made more progress than in 3 months of work. YES 3 MONTHS! I was replaying in my head all the time I spend shouting or going to the gym in order to escape. Past is past and now I need to focus on the future, but you can understand the feeling I had right ? I felt as I wasted 3 months of my life and that’s not a great feeling.

Thinking, asking and speaking out loud (alone) are the tools which can help you to overcome this and don’t feel the same as I felt. It’s your turn to try, I hope I can save you a little of time for the future.

Written on February 10, 2018