Productivity: The Middle Way


During that period living in China I learned an important life lesson about productivity. While I was in Europe, and I guess it’s the same in other western countries, thinking about doing a shitty looking product but having all the main features was for me impossible. It could be seen as a prototype which the entrepreneurs start with but actually it is much more than that and you can also use some principles in your life. Eager to learn about it? Let’s go!

Over working

The first error we do in life is to over work on a product, at gym or in a lot of domains. The problem with it is that we work more and more for less and less results. It can be due to perfectionism or just on some not properly defined goals. Of course, this can be a great dilemma because you can think that the current result is not enough for doing anything about it but will you be satisfied one day about the result? Are you sure that you will never find other reasons to say: “We are not ready to launch this”, “My weight is too low, I want more muscles”, …

Without only seeing the result part, the second part which will be affected by that overworking is your health. Over working generally comes along with stress, no enough sleep and maybe questions about the meaning of your life. You can finally understand that even you were sure that it was the idea of your life, you will finish by hate it. Is that what you want? Then, being happy after this will be harder and harder, so let’s avoid over working.

Under working

On the other side we can find the opposite: Under working. It often comes with overconfidence or not enough organizations. The problem is that under working will never bring result neither. You are working one too much ideas at the same time (so not enough on each) or you think that you have time too start to work on it and finally you can’t reach your goals. Isn’t it funny how over working and under working are similar on that fact?

Once again, without only talking about results we can see side effects on you happiness. Procrastination will lead you to more and more procrastination and finally it will lead you to a lower self esteem. You consider yourself as non able to do something from your life and finally you’ll abandon more and more ideas. At that point you are in a vicious circle. How can we get out of this circle? The middle way.

The middle way

As you start to understand the pattern let’s talk about results. The middle way provide a simple and effective way to reach as quick as possible your goals. The main feature here is to calculate properly the incomes of your efforts and select to work on the things which will give you more without too much effort. This is basically a balance between efforts and result here. You’ll tell me: “Yes, this is a pretty well-known technique”, I would answer: “Yes, so why don’t you do it?!”. My point here is that we read about it, we find it interesting but we do not apply it in our life, why?

Is it because we are afraid of being wrong for too much time? Is it because we like being unproductive? Is it because we prefer complain than succeeding? This questions are worth asking even if at first they seem stupid, who would prefer to complain instead of succeed right? Well, ask yourself these questions and maybe you’ll find it is not that stupid.

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Let’s delivering not good looking products with important features, let’s do imperfect things at first, let’s evolve with the feedbacks we get and finally let’s start to have a happier and more productive life. We need it, not only for personal fulfillment but also in order to improve our society. Every one can create something meaningful, we just need to understand how to apply an achieve.

If you think I’m wrong in this article or if you think I’m right about it, I would like to hear from you. I’m curious about your point of view. You can reach me by email or by commenting on this article. My personal information can be found on the contact page. Thank you!

Written on March 2, 2018