Productivity: Quality Over Quantity

One sentence can make you think more than an entire book, one hour can give more results than ten and an important emotion can lead to bigger experience than thousands of little feelings. Quality should be preferred over quantity but what the link with productivity ? What is the few steps you should take in order to fill your life with quality?

What is quality ?

We can first ask ourself what is quality. As we can all give a definition of what is qualitative for us, we can just ourself some questions :

  • What are the experiences which I remember the most?
  • Why do I remember these moments?
  • Would I trade these for anything else?

The quality is something subjective but we can definitely say it is based on emotions (the most common answer the second question). These emotions can lead you to great successes and to increase your motivation. We can finally express the following relations:


Fear quantity

Now, it doesn’t mean that quantity is a synonym of mediocrity. You can be a “lucky” guy and have a lot great emotions every day. Does that make you happier than someone who have sparse intense emotions? The problem with human is that we still want more than what we currently have. Having a lot of great experiences in short periods could result in boredom as everything will look normal after the adaptation period.

Fear quantity in all fields. For example, having too much features on your product prototype generally means that you preferred to add more features than focusing on few ones. Your clients will think nothing works properly and then they will never come back. Instead of having 10 of them why not focus on the 2 majors ones and develop them until they become qualitative?

Quality is everywhere

Quality is present on hard and complex things as it is in simple ones. A qualitative moment for you can only be meditating, eating simple food or change a little bit the design of your website. You, in fact, don’t need to become billionaire in order to have good time. You just need to realize that everything is here and that you can actually be happy, be productive and produce valuable things.

Yes, you read well, you can become happy and be productive these two are not antonyms. The life could be easier if we were all seeking for important experiences instead of just refreshing our Facebook feed or checking emails every two hours. I hope it’s your quest now !

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Written on February 13, 2018