Productivity: Challenge Yourself

While we are performing our routine, everyday and everyday, we tend to forget one of the most important key of improvement: Challenge. If your goal is to become a singer, a good developer or a good boss, challenging yourself will play a role in getting you out of the mass of people who are like you? You’ll, improvement by improvement, get noticed. As Bidemi Mark Modi said:

“The human spirit is like an elastic band. The more you stretch, the greater your capacity.”

So, let’s see how it can be stretch and how these stretches lead to other and other more easily than the firsts times.


What is the most difficult thing to attain is the regularity, also called habits. It is hard to achieve because your brain is lazy as fk**. In order to save the most energy and make you survive (yes, survive), it will avoid being focus more than 20 minutes and avoid doing intense efforts. However, when you try to create a new habit it is a great effort. You’re trying to change something by focusing so hard that you’re brain say: “Stop, it’s too much!”. So after that, you feel really tired and finally you maybe want to abandon it because you can’t live like that, it’s to tiring. What you forget here, is that your brain will adapt to it, by spending less and less energy on it. Finally, your habit will be like a automatic process spending so little energy that you could do it for a long time. The firsts times are the worst.

It is also hard to create an habit because in our society routines are often seen as a bad and depressing things. Going to a 9–5 job by subway and coming back by subway is the archetype of the bad routine examples everyone will give you. But by saying that, you say the same thing as: “There is someone bad in the room, so everyone is bad”. You’re generalizing. Some routines can cause you depression but other can lead you to your success. You do not analyze why these habits are making you feel unfulfilled and you don’t change them because you’re afraid of the results. In fact, you’re even afraid of your success! You fear changes and that probably because you never tried or never experienced big improvements.

Testing yourself

When you hear the word test, it often refer to bad memories. The teacher saying: “It’s time for surprise test” or your boss saying: “that project is like a test for you”. It can refer to anxiety but also with pain when you receive the results of them. Now, testing is better for you than you can imagine. It can help you to define your weaknesses and your strengths, It can help help others help you on what you need, and if you take it as an opportunity to evolve, it will give you motivation. Let’s say you’re a student, you have a test and you fail. The grade is pretty bad but the teacher can see from this test that you’re better at reading than writing, he will then be able to give you more exercise on writing than reading because it the weak point.

I see some people coming and say: “you’re example is beautiful but I’m not a student anymore, it doesn’t fit me”. It does fit you ! Tests are not strict, you can design it for your situation. Tests don’t mean a pen and a paper and you spend one hour on it. Finally, tests can come as soon as you’re ready to take the challenge. You just need some creativity to test yourself, be aware of what’s important in the field you’re studying or working and find ways to evaluate them.

Be careful, testing yourself without learning from the failures is the equivalent of peeing into a violin. It is just the best way to waste time and not improve. Do your test and directly after, take time to see what’s good, what’s bad and how you can solve these problems. If you do not, well, you’ll keep lying to yourself for all your life and you’ll stagnate and be frustrated all your life.

The reward

The end of each challenge is bigger than what you can think of. This reward is pride and motivation. You might say “it’s totally boring and totally primitive” and if you’re in that case i can’t do anything for you. Motivation and pride are the key components of innovation and so the key point of everything you use or you interact with. Without pride and motivation, person like Steve Jobs wouldn’t have created one of the first personal computers, The Wright brothers wouldn’t have created the first airplane and finally without it, Johannes Gutenberg wouldn’t have created the printing press which now help you to read your books in paperback formats.

So you can see that from pride and motivation you can create ideas and products which will change the world. You can make the future better for everyone by challenging yourself regularly and smartly. Isn’t it awesome ?

Final word

Enjoy your journey towards creating habits and achieving more and more projects, it is the only way you can find success, pride but also the only way you can grow. It is you turn, I trust you on this.

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Written on February 18, 2018