How I See Women's Day

woman's eyes

I couldn’t start this article better without the help of these two beautiful blue eyes. The 8th of March is a big symbolic day, it spread internationally the efforts a lot of countries did in terms of women’s rights, but it also spread the following message: “Women and men are equal, we should all have the same rights”. We still have a lot to do to attain this goal but I’m sure we are moving towards it. In this article, I want to celebrate the mothers, the grandmothers, daughters, and all the other women on earth.


“Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you.” — Roger Ebert

In this world dominated by money and material things, we always forget about something which is inside us. Men and Women have this, it’s : Emotions. However, in term of expression of emotions women dominate largely. These women who can cry, say sorry, say “I love you”, … are way stronger than the men who just keep everything inside and try to escape every emotions. I’m aware that it is due to the way you were raised and the problem is that men are raised in that way. The funniest thing is that I see these women as more ballsy than men who can’t express fully themselves. It takes courage to risk to be rejected after an expression of emotions, so I need to that congratulations to the women but also to the men who can do this!

Another funny thing is that, when the world was totally rules by men, these guys created words to express emotions but they are afraid of using them as if it is something we should be ashamed about it. Emotions come from inside our body, there is no way to control them or to not feel them so be proud of it and express yourself, everyone will feel better, trust me!

Giving birth

“Behind every successful man there is a woman.” (a mother)

It is probably the most important thing I want to talk about. Giving birth is at the beginning of everything for everyone. And I’m hearing some proud guys saying: “Yes, but without a man nothing is possible”, you are right, however you by saying that you do not consider that except the ephemeral pleasure of conception you both have, the woman will suffer 9 months. And you should say thank you to your mother, grandmother and all your woman ancestors for that. They suffered for you.

I can’t express really express myself on the feelings the women have during these 9 months, I can ‘t imagine the pain but also the happiness they can have. However, I think it is really symbolic to give birth to someone because it gives a view on the future. And for that, I would like to say thank you to all the current mothers and the future ones.

The fight

As I don’t want to say that woman are only good at expressing emotions and giving birth, I want to give a message through this article. This is message is dedicated to everyone who is reading. Women are as strong men, it is just on different fields. Men have physical strength, women have self awareness. Both are important and we should include everything in our society. We are all here to collaborate, we are all strong in a certain domain and so we can all help other people in different ways. I’m not feminist or fighting for men rights and privileges (yes, there is no term for that, it expresses something), I’m humanist. I believe in all of us.

Last thing: Happy women’s day!


I want to say to all men that we need to support women and accept more and more in our society. I want to say to all the women that you need to keep raise your children in that way and also to keep communicating with men. Do not worry men are not stupid, they can understand, they never learned how to express themselves and change their ideas without appear ashamed. We all need to do efforts, let’s start from today!

If you think that I’m wrong or right, or if you have more detailed ideas (I prefer the last one), I’m looking forward to hear from you. You can contact me by finding my info on the contact page or by leaving a comment here. Thank you in advance.

Written on March 6, 2018