An Universal Language ?

Traveling, doing business, watching movies, … are becoming easier in more and more places in the world we can ask ourself some questions about the future. It can be some questions like : What will be the next way to travel ?, How communication will evolve ? As communication is the beginning of everything (education, exchange, interactions, …) I want to focus on the eventuality of making an universal language. Why is it interesting ?, why it can kill creativity and innovation ? and finally how can we create it ? Let’s see this together !

It’s so convenient !

First, let’s say you’re in USA and you want to do business with someone in China. You don’t know how to speak Chinese and that person doesn’t know how to speak English. But you’re business really need that connection to enter the Chinese market (a big market). You’re actual solution is to hire someone who will translate right ? With an universal language you could save money, save time and avoid the problems of translations (which can kill the opportunity, take more time because of explanations, etc…). And now you’re happy, your business opportunity make you access the Chinese market, you want to celebrate, have good time and watch a movie with your family. Fortunately, this universal language provide you access to more choice. You can watch a movie from India, from France, … and without subtitles. Every communication between humans would not result in studies of language, culture and norms, you could have access to everything you want directly.

An innovation killer !

Now, before to give you an example, let’s talk about how we all think. When you learn what is a tree, the teacher or you parents show you an image of a tree and say: “See this, It’s a tree”. With that image in mind, when someone point at tree you’re able to say: “OH OH I KNOW ! IT’S A TREE”. You actually associate the image and the word. Now, Let’s say that we create a scholar curriculum to teach this language to everyone. Can you see the problem ? Everyone would have the same image of tree in mind. For a tree it’s maybe not that problematic. But what about other concepts ? Wouldn’t this language create an army of robot thinking in the same way ? Then, when you think, you actually use your language, you just don’t express it out loud. It means that everyone would think with the same words, the same image, … That language could result in the murder of innovation because actual innovation is based on the fact that people are different and think differently. Some actual languages have some concept that other don’t have and so it can give ideas in term of management, creation, education, etc…

Can it be built ?

Without loss of culture and specificities of populations, I think it’s not possible. How can we represent all the norms, festivals, rules of a every country in the world and even every regions in every country ? Would every country accept to learn this language ? Isn’t a dangerous tool which can be used to manipulate everyone ? In my opinion, it is not a good thing to do in the future, yes it is convenient but the convenience doesn’t overcome all the problems humanity will have after.


Of course this topic is way more complex we can’t talk about everything here. But now, I’m waiting for your ideas (leave a comment or send me a mail). If you think like me and have some more developed or additional ideas, you can share them with me. If you think the opposite, please share your ideas with me too, I would like to learn about your point of view and learn from you.

Written on February 1, 2018